As a family enterprise, we consider quality across our products and staff to be the core of our legacy and future. Our dedication has enabled us to present high-caliber, precise watches for a century without interruption and continue to deliver innovative Swiss Made timepieces.

Swiss Made

Delma’s hometown, Lengnau near Biel/Bienne, lies at the core of the Swiss watchmaking region which stretches from Geneva in the south-west to Basel in the north-east. ZeitZentrum, the only German-speaking watchmaking-school in Switzerland, is located just one kilometre from Delma’s headquarters and all of our highly-qualified horologists hold a degree from this prestigious institution.

Design process

The life of every Delma watch starts with a sketch. The artist’s ideas are then rendered as technical drawings and printed in 3D, generating a realistic model of the future timepiece. Finally, a prototype with the intended materials and surface finishes is created before the design is approved.


Each watch is individually assembled in our workshops by one skilled watchmaker with the utmost concentration. First the dial is paired with its movement. Next the extremely fine hands are placed on the axles and the dial is carefully assembled. Finally, the complete movement is fitted into the watchcase, the crown is fixed and the case back is secured.

Quality control

We guarantee strict isolation of production and quality control. Every watch is tested by a separate team of specialists ensuring each element is checked at least twice before it leaves our facility. These rigorous tests carefully examine the components of the watch including its functionality, rate, precision, water-resistance and physical appearance.

Visible craftsmanship

We often display the delicate inner workings and sophisticated engineering that operates the gears of our mechanical watches through a transparent case back. The pulsating balance wheel as well as the movements of the oscillating mass in our automatic watches can be observed as they wind with each gesture of the arm.

Exceeding standards

Our divers’ watches are built for the extremes. They are equipped with a screw-down crown and a screwed back to guarantee long-term resistance to water and humidity. The unidirectional bezel ensures that the elapsed time under water can never erroneously be extended. Some divers’ watches are equipped with a helium-valve to protect them from being damaged by internal over pressure caused by expanding helium molecules.

Finest materials

We only use the best materials available including exclusively single cut, SI-H Wesselton diamonds. The sapphire crystal on all of our watches yields a resilient translucent lens into the timepieces’ intricate details. Our stainless steel watches are constructed from grade 316L steel with a high resistance to scratches and corrosion. Our black models are coated with Physical Vapor Deposition, a specialized method which yields an absolutely even surface. A black Diamond Like Carbon coating is applied to our Shell Star Black Tag for ultimate imperviousness.

Authentic components

Our movements come from the most reliable Swiss partners. These manufacturers have a long history and are guaranteed to be leaders in their fields. All our timepieces are assembled in our workshops and follow a rigorous process to ensure they meet the strict requirements to be recognized as Swiss Made.

Perpetual innovation

Our ability to deliver innovative and reliable timepieces has always been a result of our dedicated team. To ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry, our skilled personnel are continuously trained and new equipment is introduced. Together we are able to consistently produce timeless watches that evolve with the demands of our clients and our collaboration with exceptional partners.