Since our founding in 1924, quality and innovation were the basis of our
success. 100 years later, we reflect on significant milestones and continuous
vitality that have made DELMA what it is today and propel us into the future.

1924 | The Foundation

Brothers Adolf and Albert Gilomen founded A. & A. Gilomen S.A. in Lengnau, Switzerland. Delma was one of the original models and would soon become the brand’s namesake.

1946 | The First Chronograph

Recorded under the name Midland, the classic 18-karat yellow gold chronograph equipped with a mechanical hand-winding movement signified the beginning of DELMA’s sports watch collection.

1954 | A true racing machine

A sporty chronograph with a stainless-steel case is released, boasting an ETA Valjoux 7736 R movement. The Tachymeter indication on the dial, the luminous hands and genuine leather or rubber strap made it the ultimate racing timepiece.

1966 | Delma rises to the top

The company was renamed Delma Watch Ltd. after one of the initial four model names following the takeover by Ulrich Wüthrich & partner. Today the company is led by the second and third generation of his family.

1969 | The first automatic divers’ watches

The Periscope was DELMA’s first wristwatch with increased water resistance. Although not yet up to present-day standards, this model initiated DELMA’s aptitude in divers’ watches.

1975 | Professional divers’ watches

The company enjoyed great success with the introduction of two professional divers’ watches, the Shell Star and the Quattro. These vanguard models have evolved over time and are still quintessential members of today’s collection.

1981 | The launch of the Shark

Distinctive for its precision and sharp design elements, DELMA’s Shark model was cherished for its unique rectangular case, octagonal dial and diamond cut indexes.

1988 | Delma Moonphase pocket watch

When pocket watches came back in style for a brief period along with the three-piece suit, DELMA used the opportunity to produce a prestigious Savonette example in 18 karat gold. Behind the carved spring lid is a refined hand winding Unitas movement with pearled bridges, moonphase and date indication.

1991 | The Klondike collection

The Klondike began as a limited-edition mechanical gold and platinum collection. With an ornate moonphase and day/night indicator, this chronograph is DELMA’s most elite racing watch.

1995 | The Delma Platinum collection

In the mid-nineties Delma enjoyed great success with its Platinum collection including winning the 1st prize in the precious metal category at the JA International Jewelry Show in New York.

2004 | The steel Klondike

As an extension of Delma’s successful signature line, the Klondike was redesigned in stainless steel. Equipped with a new movement, its refreshed forms and materials made it a noteworthy timepiece among Delma’s sports watches.

2011 | Blue Shark I

The Blue Shark joins the ranks of DELMA’s
exceptional divers’ watches with a splash.
Flaunting a sporty, sturdy disposition,
it initiated a series of progressive
performance divers’ watches prepared for
extreme conditions.

2014 | The Midland Chronograph

A new sports watch, carrying the name of the company’s first chronograph is introduced. While it pays tribute to the original, the bold look with exposed screws is undoubtedly fresh. Equipped with a big date and ergonomic push pieces, the Midland Chronograph is a revered companion for aspiring and professional athletes.

2016 | Relaunch of the Shell Star

DELMA’s first professional divers’ watch receives an upgrade with a helium valve and increased water-resistance to 500 m, features that were unimaginable in the 1970s.

2017 | The racing collection expands

The introduction of the Oceanmaster series stimulated DELMA’s Time to Perform campaign and solidified the company’s companionship with extreme sailing. The collection is inspired by DELMA’s collaboration with the IMOCA Ocean Masters and has special features for nautical navigation and tactical planning.

2019 | Launch of the Blue Shark III

Delma’s Blue Shark models have continuously exceeded perceived boundaries of endurance and the Blue Shark III is no exception. Standing out as one of the strongest divers’ watches ever produced, the Blue Shark III is Delma‘s supreme divers’ watch with water resistance to 4000 meters / 13120 ft. As the series grows, and new technology is introduced, the Sharks become increasingly powerful, resilient, and groundbreaking.


In recognition of this milestone, two versions of the Heritage Chronograph have been introduced in invigorated yet classic form. A limited edition Bicompax Chronograph with only 75 pieces per model maintains essential characteristics of the original while the version with three sub dials is another timeless classic based on Delma‘s Heritage series.


The Quattro, DELMA’s iconic divers’ watch from the 70’s is relaunched with an automatic movement. Like the original it comes with DELMA’s Rapid Bracelet Exchange System and is accompanied by an additional rubber strap, decompression table and leather pouch.

2023 | Launch of the Blue Shark IV

From the first edition the Blue Shark has exceeded perceived boundaries of endurance and the Blue Shark IV with water-resistance to 5000 m is one of the strongest divers’ watches ever produced.

2024 | 100 YEARS OF DELMA

A special year for DELMA - as we celebrate its 100th anniversary. As a family owned and operated watch business, a century is more than a milestone, it's a testament to endurance, craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication. As we reflect on the evolution of our Swiss Made timepieces, we wholeheartedly know that this journey would not be have been possible without you.