Delma creates the Blue Shark III, the strongest diving watch in its 95 year history.

In celebration of Delma’s 95th anniversary and 50 years since the launch of the company’s first divers watch, the team set their site on creating a new member of the Blue Shark collection that could live up to the success of its predecessors. The new model must be worthy of its name, with the ability to lead the family to new depths.

Blue Shark I: 2011

Blue Shark II: 2016

Blue Shark III: 2019

What followed was a 2-year journey of designing and testing to develop a watch that exceeded previous depth potential, functionality and comfort for all levels of inquisitive divers in action. The quest was to balance out extra meters with extra weight and size.

Functionality first

Beyond the changes to fortify the case for additional depth, several further adjustments have been made to enhance the experience of the user. One of the more visible modifications was the decision to give the Blue Shark III a convex crown protection to even better protect the crown from colliding with items in action.

While it was important to the team to advance the design and crucial to reach new depths, it was equally essential to keep the look of the Blue Shark III in line with the collection. As such the new dials received a makeover that enhanced functionality and legibility but have layout and design in common with the first and second editions. To compliment the new solid dial and make a bold statement orange and green Super-Luminova were selected to ensure the Blue Shark III is legible in the toughest conditions.

With the completion of the case design, attention was given to its connection with the wearer. More subtle changes include new security screws with custom tools to enable easy and reliable adjustment of the interchangeable bracelets and the clasp. A secure connection with the case was achieved with a modified end-piece where the custom screws fasten with reliable precision. The pyramid pattern rubber strap was replaced with one embossed with the Delma trademark.

Built to perform

Once the design was realized, 3D prints of the case and bracelet were generated. Every component must be closely examined and refined until perfection is achieved. The next step was to seek suitable finishing materials. Stainless steel was an obvious choice for its durability and unmatched success in active and statement wear. Only components of exceptional quality that satisfy Delma’s scrupulous requirements were chosen.

After assembly, internal testing is completed before the watch goes on for further vigorous examination and authentication. The Blue Shark III was successfully tested by the prestigious Swiss PST Laboratory for Product Safety Testing in Zwillikon, Canton of Zurich Before it traveled to dives including Lake Baikal where it was up to the test in unforgiving icy conditions.

Ready to Dive

By March 2019 the new Blue Shark proved it fulfilled Delma’s commitment to quality and was released as a limited edition of 500 pieces per case type with great acclaim during Baselword.

The ultimate desire for leisure divers who casually explore the coast to professionals working in submerged environments for several days is a highly reliable and functional timepiece. The Blue Shark III goes deeper than ever before and is always dependable when it is "Time to Perform".


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