We are incredibly pleased to officially announce our partnership with Magnus Lundborg, award winning underwater photographer, free diver and ocean conservationist based on the west coast of Sweden on World Oceans Day.

Southern Right Wale, Argentina

When we first came to know Magnus’ work, we were immediately impressed by the quality and rarity of the images in his portfolio. As we learned more about him, his mission continued to resonate, and we are proud to have him join our team.

Magnus embodies this occasion through his adventurous pursuits to illustrate the diversity and importance of the Earth’s magnificent creatures. With a particular focus on aquatic species, he brings us a powerful view of rare and illusive creatures in brilliant focus. Now equipped with a Delma Blue Shark III, a model named after one of his favorite subjects, with water resistance up to 4000 m, he is aptly prepared to record the world below the surface before time runs out.

Blue Shark, Azores

Magnus began his studies in Marine Biology before a trip around the world introduced him to his true calling, underwater photography.

“Through the camera lens, I now want to show you the beauty, the vulnerability and the importance of preservation of nature and species.”

Through his powerful images of creatures from the colossal Humpback Whale to the tiny Pipe Fish, Magnus uses his camera for a purpose. His intention is to expose the impact of destructive behavior on the environment, raise awareness of endangered and extinct animals and stop unnecessary trawling of the oceans. He is particularly passionate about diving in cold water and subpolar seas, but he also spends a lot of time documenting the biodiversity of temperate seas in search of rare species.

Pipe Fish, Sweden

Magnus is also working on “Wild Atlantic – Beyond the North Sea” a book about the large wildlife in the Atlantic where he hopes to illustrate the impact of overfishing in the North Sea and the devastation it has caused to the majestic animals that once called it home. Unfortunately, the North Sea is one of the most heavily overfished areas in the Atlantic Ocean and most species of sharks, rays and whales have disappeared.

Eagle Ray, Azores

In search of the Blue Shark, which was once found in the Skagerrak Straight and all over the North Sea, Magnus recently traveled to the Azores, an area where they are still able to thrive. For other species it is sadly too late. The North Atlantic Right Whale is one of the most endangered whales in the world. In the western North Atlantic Ocean there are thought to be less than 400 individuals in existence and the population in the East is particularly dire with numbers likely in the low teens. Vessel strikes, entanglement in fishing gear and poaching have rendered this incredible species functionally extinct. Magnus recently traveled to the Valdez Peninsula in Argentina to photograph and free dive with Southern Right Whales (a very close relative) in the South Atlantic Ocean. There he had the closest encounters with whales of his lifetime and created photographs which epitomize why preservation is imperative.

Southern Right Wales, Argentina

While he has already achieved a great deal in his comparatively short time as an underwater photographer, Magnus is determined to raise awareness of more animals in need. Although his 2020 travel plans have been put on hold (due to the Covid-19 outbreak), he continues to dive often near his home and has big plans for next year. We truly look forward to taking part in his journey and to learning more about the oceans through his lens.

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