Delma and Naufrágios explore ecological splendor beneath the sea.

The Macadamia Production team of the gripping Brazil-based Naufrágios diving television series has selected Delma to outfit their divers and film crew on ten exciting and historical wreck dives across the southern coastline of the United States. Delma’s portfolio of advanced divers’ watches worn by professionals all over the world for more than 50 years made them a clear choice for the project.

According to show producer Marcelo Guimaraes, “Delma watches gave us a highly reliable way to plan and monitor our team’s numerous complex dives and intricate filming activities. The watches provided us with essential diving features and functions, as well as serving as striking diving accessories to complement the superb backdrop of the incredibly historic wrecks we highlight in Season 4.”

Every serious divers’ kit should include a meticulously designed divers’ watch equipped with all the features needed for even the most thrilling and demanding underwater explorations and adventures. Divers’ watches from Delma deliver extreme water resistance to almost bottomless depths, helium valves that protect against overpressure, extra scratch resistance for cave and wreck dives, sturdy unidirectional bezels, and extreme legibility of hands and indexes for even the darkest conditions.

The show tells the story of three experienced divers who traveled the world in search of the most exciting wrecks. In the fall of 2018, Season 4 will cover beautiful and intriguing diving spots on the South East coast of the United States between North Carolina and the Florida Keys. The series illuminates tragedy that turned into meaningful sources of ecological preservation. Downed vessels such as the Vandenberg, Spiegel Grove, Oriskany and a Russian freighter are now home to gorgeous underwater flora, fauna and sea life.

One male and two female divers, and the underwater camera crew wear three lines of Delma watches: Blue Shark II, Shell Star Black Tag, and Santiago models.

The Blue Shark II, Delma’s ultimate divers’ watch with a helium valve that protects the watch against overpressure and water resistance to 3000 meters (9900 ft.), goes where only the most adventurous have ever gone. Three Shell Stars takes the plunge beside them including a Shell Star Black Tag Limited Edition.

Two Santiago divers’ watches from Delma’s core collection, slightly smaller in diameter and thus perfect for both male and female divers, round out the season’s wreck diving lineup.


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