Two new editions of Delma’s extremely powerful Blue Shark III join the collection, this time with a poignant mission. The new Blue Shark III Azores models will support the Megalodon Project in partnership with our ambassador, ocean conservationist and photographer Magnus Lundborg.


Marine manifest

Scheduled for summer 2021, the Megalodon shark tagging project will use pioneering research to better understand the life and habitat of magnificent and endangered sea creatures including the elusive Blue Shark which can be found in the abundant waters surrounding the Azores archipelago. Magnus alongside a team of scientist will conduct a study on marine megafauna by creating a network of satellite tags and documenting the sharks’ behavior through data collection and photography. Their findings will be used to educate the public and government about the vital role sharks play in the ecosystem in order to cultivate conservation strategies and encourage sustainable solutions.

The Azores is an ideal site for this research as it is a crossover point, both in terms of ecological zones and seasonal migration routes for many big underwater mammals and fish. It is also a key breeding ground, acutely positioned to be cool enough in the summer and warm enough in the winter to harbor essential nutrients and sunlight at all times of year.

Evoking the ocean

The new Blue Shark III models possess textured gradient dials which embody the colors of the subtropical oasis of the Azores at varying depths. The bright blue fading to deep navy and rich turquoise which graduates to vibrant green are reminiscent of the North Atlantic’s range of habitats at varying depths where the participating photographers and scientists will conduct their research and experience the life of endangered sharks and whales firsthand.

The Azores models have the exceptional strength of the original Blue Shark III and can sustain depths of up to 4,000 meters. They are equipped with quintessential divers’ watch attributes including a helium escape valve and unidirectional bezel. Available with a black DLC or stainless steel bezel, each special Azores model comes in a bespoke Blue Shark box outfitted with custom tools and a rubber strap making them easily adaptable for all conditions. These new editions give Delma’s renowned Blue Shark series heightened meaning by using their extreme durability and natural beauty to benefit their namesake.

Time for conservation

Delma’s sponsorship of the Megalodon Project will afford us the unique opportunity to closely follow the project and support the tagging of a specific shark. The name of the shark will be defined by Delma’s fans and followers who will soon be able to provide their suggestions and vote on the final name on Delma’s Facebook and Instagram channels. Andreas Leibundgut, Head of Marketing at Delma explained the significance of this partnership

“The opportunity to take part in this special mission focused on sharks has not only inspired a new edition of Blue Sharks, a series of timepieces that epitomizes Delma’s commitment to diving and sea exploration, but it enables us to better understand and contribute to diving for scientific and conservation purposes. We look forward to seeing this project come to light through Magnus’ lens and sharing the experience with our audience”.

The purchase of each Blue Shark III Azores will directly contribute to the Megalodon Project and ocean conservation efforts. The combination of captivating colors, extreme strength and philanthropic benefit make the new Blue Shark III Azores the ultimate diving watch for those who cherish the splendor and importance of all marine life.


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Blue shark III Azores. It looks like it is brass or gold.?

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