Delma introduces the tough and sleek Limited Edition Shell Star Black Tag

Originally inspired by the world’s best free divers, the Delma Shell Star Black Tag is rimmed in black to reflect the excitement and adventure that awaits divers as they explore unknown depths. This distinctive divers’ watch is available in two versions with a mysterious black or gripping orange bezel ring. The inspiration behind the Black Tag is derived from the tireless quest of free divers to reach a tag at a designated depth, capture it, and triumphantly surface with it. Just as it is every divers’ goal to capture that tag and emerge on top with it, the Black Tag will inspire a fortunate few to pursue and achieve unimaginable deeds.

One look at this watch, and you know it’s tough. The crown protection, the Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coated case with a 44mm diameter, and the helium valve combine durably to make this watch a tool for extreme professionals. The tradition of the Shell Star goes back to 1975 when Delma’s first professional divers’ watch was launched under this name. This iconic model became a landmark for the company and served as a model for many other divers’ watches. The characteristic unidirectional bezel with a minute scale helps the timing of decompression phases. The transparent case back showcases the heart of the timepiece, its decorated movement.

Designed for the boldest divers, the Delma Shell Star Black Tag offers extra scratch resistance with its black DLC coating, which approaches the hardness of a diamond for extreme durability. Our divers’ watches are equipped with a screw-down crown and a screwed back to guarantee a long-term resistance to water and humidity. With an exclusive run of only 500 pieces, the Delma Shell Star Black Tag is poised to accompany a lucky few of the world’s most accomplished divers on their most challenging dives. Water resistant to 500 m / 1650 ft, the Shell Star Black Tag is the perfect tool to accompany even the most accomplished divers on both recreational and competitive dives.

With a helium valve that protects the watch from excess pressure during professional dives at great depths, the Delma Shell Star Black Tag watch is equally suited for free divers or avid underwater adventurers who tirelessly explore the depths of the world’s oceans.


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